Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tammy's New Job and Goodbye Stephanie

Tammy has been a Registered Nurse at Masonic Home in Bloomington for the past eight years and she's ready for a change. Masonic has cut her hours considerably as they go through a period of downsizing in preparation for some renovations. I'm glad she's moving on. The facility, as are so many others, is short of staff and that puts the nurses out on the floor trying to hold it together in a difficult position.

She's accepted a position with a company in Bloomington where she'll be sitting at a desk answering phone calls from people seeking medical advice. I'm not certain how it works but my understanding is that the company contracts out with corporations as part of their health care coverage. Rather than spend money on an office visit, people are encouraged to call the help line (Tammy's job) and explain their symptoms over the phone. The nurses on the other end will help determine if an office visit is necessary or possibly some other less expensive approach.

She's very excited. The new place sounds like they value their employees and that's refreshing. She'll be taking a part-time position with some intensive training for the first three months.

I'm trying to get on my rollers every other day if not more often. I'm good for 60-90 minutes before climbing off. It's been a few years since I've done any indoor training...ever since discovering a few years ago that winter riding in Minnesota was very doable. I changed that up this year however and I'm back to the indoor routine. I only have road bikes and this hasn't been an easy winter for keeping them on the road with all the ice and snow in addition to the frigid temps which aren't helping matters.

One thing all my indoor training has done is spark a strong desire to get back on the road. I've accumulated a bunch of miles in the last few years without much of a break. That can lead to burnout and I feel like that was where I was headed when winter arrived. This break has done me well as I'm feeling rested and ready to get back out there. I'll shoot again for the same goal as last year...anywhere between 7000-9000 miles. No winter riding will put me at a disadvantage mileage wise when compared to the last few years but I'll be fresh.

I said goodbye today to another Controller from my era. Stephanie will be done on Friday after 25 years with the FAA and she's heading to Arizona with her husband, Al. Stephanie was my first trainer when I came back from my exile to Huron in '85. She was just a pup training a pup but she was good. It would've been nice to have worked a sector feeding hers on her last day so I could send some pilots over to her frequency to wish her a happy retirement...this time for real. I did that to her once last year just for fun and she sent one back to my freq to wish me a happy birthday. It wasn't my birthday. The pilot caught on right away and didn't mind being a part of our ATC games.

I'll miss you, Steph.

I'm no geography wiz, in fact, I'm embarrassed by how much I don't know. Here's a fun test for you...see how well you do. I took it a few times and could only manage a 101 I.Q.

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DOG said...

94 the first time, 111 the second. It's tough when you can't see the detail.