Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dodging Snow and High Priced Services

Listening to yesterday's forecast I wasn't planning on being able to ride today because it was supposed to be snowing during the evening and most of the day. Usually you hear people complain that the forecasters can't get it right. In this case I'm glad they didn't.

Tammy and I are waiting for Rachel to call from Seattle. She called a couple nights ago to say she was having a good time. A few kids had become sick and one of them was heading home early. They had them sleep side by side, head to toe so they wouldn't be breathing on each other and spreading germs. I talked to my brother who lives a few hours away in Portland and he said there was a chance for snow in the forecast. Rachel said she packed four sweatshirts but no jacket. At least she'll have layers.

Keith called to say he had the drawings done for the desk he's making for our office and wanted to know if we could swing by to have a look. Tammy and I met with him this afternoon to give him our approval. He said he'd have it done in a few weeks. That should be just about the time Tammy gets the go-ahead from her employer to occasionally work from home. Frontier was out a couple days ago to install an additional phone line for her use. Now, if I can get a radar scope set up someplace in our home we'll be set. Nah. Scratch that idea.

Our last month's bill from Charter Cable got into the $4.00 per gallon of gas range. We have our cable tv, internet and phone with Charter and had been paying a promotional price for the past year of $142 per month which I actually think is an okay value for all we get out of it. The honeymoon is over; our bill shot up to over $206. Tammy got on the phone with them to see if there was another promotion we could sign up for but they told us there wasn't and to check back in a few months. She told them to expect a call from us cancelling our service after we'd done some looking around. We got a call from them the next day offering us a similar package to the one which had just expired. Funny how that works.


Saeedi said...

You should give Vonage a try. I don't know how much your phone premiums are, but with a broadband connection, it works quite well. Been happy with it for about $29 a month unlimited calls, voicemail, etc. The free calls to certain European countries is not bad either.

I'm just a happy customer and in no way trying to sell something.

Kevin said...

I thought about switching to Vonage just before Charter called us with their $25 per month promotional offer for the phone bundled with their other services. Had they not come back and given us the current offer I'd have dropped them in favor of Vonage.

I no longer hear their commercials. Weren't they some of the more obnoxious ones out there?