Monday, March 8, 2004

Airforce 2

I got to work Chenny's plane tonight about an hour ago as he left Sioux Falls, SD for Andrews Air Force Base. He's somewhere around Chicago as I write this. I only had to move one aircraft for him. I offered him direct routing to save some time but it was declined. I imagine they're on a schedule and want to stay with it.

We've been working pretty steady on the lamp for Don and Dorothy. I've got quite a bit of work left to do but it's nice to finally be making some progress. I went to J. Ring Glass Studios last Friday to try and find some better green for the leaves but I wasn't very successful. I bought a couple sheets which will work okay but not as nicely as I'd hoped. Green is probably the most difficult color for me to find. The color is okay but I'm just worried it doesn't have enough life/depth. I suppose I shouldn't worry too much because it's the same green I used in my Laburnum and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

It's been getting ugly on the message boards lately...not mine...but another I frequent. This is going to be a nasty campaign year. Everyone is digging in their heels and not giving anything. There isn't anything which could cause me to cast a vote for Kerry or Nader. I can't say I'm pleased with everything Bush has done but I agree with most of it. The illegal alien legislation still has me bothered. I'm guessing he thinks he'll get some Hispanic votes from the decision and he may be right. That's the way the game is played, unfortunately.

Toby and Allie were both sick yesterday. They both started vomiting at the same time and I finally had to put them in their kennels to minimize the messes I had to clean up. They're doing much better today but we've got them on a restricted and diet for a day or two. They're so sweet. Yesterday morning Tammy brought them up in bed with me as she had to leave early...anyway, I woke up an hour later with Allie resting her head on my neck, sleeping softly...such a precious moment.

Time to pack up and head for home. I've got to drop Eddie off at home as he hasn't driven since he got his hand caught in his snowblower and lost a finger while mangling the others.

See ya.

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