Thursday, March 4, 2004

Stained Glass

I finally began work on a lamp last week for my uncle Don and aunt Dorothy. I'd been putting this project off for quite a while as I just hadn't been up to it. I'm making an 18" Tulip, Tiffany reproduction lamp for them. I began with the tulip flowers first...I got them cut from the sheets of glass and Tammy has begun to grind them to size. I hope to get some more done tomorrow as it's going to be snowing here all day so I won't be tempted to be out on my bike. I'm usually winding down my stained glass projects this time of year because when the weather turns warm I spend as little time as possible indoors...anyway, not this year...I really need to get this lamp done in the next few weeks though. Don is making a violin for Rachel and we're doing a lamp for them in return. I've got a friend at work who wants me to do some glass work for his home but I seriously doubt I'll get to it this year. We also have the window to do for the prayer chapel at Hosanna but that too will have to wait until next winter. Once we begin work on our basement I don't know how we'll have any extra time to devote to stained glass.

I forgot to mention that we went to The Passion with Mom last Tuesday night. What a powerful movie. Please go see it if you can.

I was able to get out for a quick 30 miles on my bike this morning before the appraiser came. I was on Dodd Blvd, just west of Cedar ave when my x wife drove by me. She didn't know it was me but I recognized her car. I caught up with her at the stoplight but didn't make any attempt to get her attention. She was with someone I didn't recognize.

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