Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I've got the all-night shift tonight and a few hours to kill before I'm due back in the control room. I had a good ride last night and was able to get in 50 miles after work before the sun went down. It was pretty nice out with the sun shining and 42 degrees but my toes got a bit numb toward the end of the ride. I rode for an hour and fifty minutes tonight before work on my trainer in the basement. I really want to be able to start getting in some long rides early in the season this year with hopes of doing the trip to Babbitt toward the early part of July while I've still got the longest days to work with. That's going to be about 240 so I'll need every bit of daylight I can get.

I went out today and picked up a new mp3 player for my rides. I got the Gateway 310 with 256mb of flash storage. I paid $135 for it and figured that was a good price. The Apple Ipod with 4gb of space is nice for $250 but it's larger than I'd like and the battery isn't replaceable on the road should it run out. I'm downloading some songs to it as I write. Okay, I'm back, just had to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I haven't done much work with the website for over a month as I needed a break from it. I've been downloading a bunch of programs from A&E at home and bringing them into work to watch on my breaks...Cold Case Files, and American Justice are two of my favs.

Keith left for Houston last night around 6:30 with some race friends of his. He was driving his rig and traveling with two other rigs. There's an NHRA (National Hot Rod Assn) meet in Houston this weekend. Keith has been working on his car quite a bit the past couple months getting it ready to race so he's pretty excited to be going. I called his cell a couple times today to see how he was doing. The last time I talked to him was at 8:00 tonight and they were 30 minutes from the track having driven through with just one 4 hour stop for rest last night. I should see if I can find a link to the track website and follow his efforts this weekend.

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