Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Change is Coming

I came back to work Sunday afternoon after having been off the past week. Sitting at the sector it began to set in that the FAA would soon be under new leadership and what that may mean for those of us who have been so disrespected the past two-plus years by an anti-labor administration. I don't think I'd allowed myself to imagine an FAA led by another Republican president's appointee until the election was over. The thought of coming to work after a McCain win was a very depressing one. I remember telling Tammy a few days before the election that if Obama lost I could see myself slipping into a mild depression. I'd work my way out of it but it would take some time.

If you're not sure what I'm referring to, here are a couple links to help you understand...here and here.

There are some within FAA management who are sympathetic to our situation but I have to wonder how many of them wrote to those above them and expressed that sentiment? Not very many I'd guess.

Most of us are cautiously optimistic that we'll see some changes sooner rather than later. I couldn't care less about the dress code or time on position policy which changed with the imposed work rules. I'm preparing to retire and a five year pay cap the last years of my career hurts my retirement plans significantly. Righting this wrong is my main concern.

Change is coming.

(okay...this is a hoot...caution...contains potty language)

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