Friday, November 7, 2008

Stuck in Kadoka and Rockin' it With David Crowder

Bryan and Sue are still stuck in Kadoka, South Dakota as they try to make their way back to Portland. I was thinking of sitting down and penning some blues lyrics for them but that should be their job. You have to experience the blues to write about them.

I-90 is still closed across the western part of the state but Bryan said they're being told it will be open early tomorrow morning. I heard one news report that there had been people stranded in their cars until recently. I loaned Bryan and Sue our Garmin Nuvi to play with on the way home. It came in handy when they were in search of a place to exit the freeway where they could find accommodations.

Bryan's plan was to avoid the north route home as it looked like that was going to be where they'd encounter the most snow. When I talked with him tonight he felt that a more southerly route, I-80 across Nebraska would've been the best choice. They'd be home by now had they gone either way other than I-90.

We went to Grace Church in Eden Prairie last night to see the David Crowder Band. They're a Christian rock band whose music I often post along with my blog. Their sound is an interesting blend of guitars, keyboards, drums and some other unusual gadgets for producing sound. Compared with some of the secular stuff I listen to, this is every bit as good as any of that.

We were psyched because we had front row tickets just to the right of center stage and I had my trusty Sony Handycam with me. The opening act only played a short set and we were liking our view very much. That all changed during the intermission when kids flooded out of their seats to stand in front of the stage totally blocking our view. Oh well, we couldn't be too upset about it—they were kids and they were rocking for Christ. We still managed to enjoy the show even if it meant standing the entire time. Hey, it was a concert. Fortunately for Tammy, there was a monitor on wheels parked in front of our seats and Tammy was able to stand on it and get a few more inches of height. At 5'3" she needs any help she can get at a concert.

I managed to video several songs but my arms got a bit tired trying to hold the camera above my head and the heads of those in front of us. Trying to keep the camera from shaking as my arms grew tired was nearly impossible. I believe the Handycam has a built-in anti-shake feature but I was asking more of it than it was built for.

Here's one of the songs I taped. I put together a playlist of songs from the night on YouTube.

We stopped at Sonic Burger on the way home. Rachel goes there with her friends on the weekend. She said they usually take two or three cars to get there but once there they all pile into one car to get the full experience of being in a car full of kids at the drive-up. If you're not familiar with Sonic Burger, it's similar to the old A&W Root Beer drive-ups they had 30-40 years ago.

I had the Bacon Burger while Rachel had an M&M Sonic Freeze or something like that. Tammy took a pass. Rachel said our food would be served by some young woman on roller skates. That didn't happen. She was a woman in her 50's with a warm smile on a chilly night. I was okay with that.

I'd really hoped to get out and mow up the rest of the leaves in the yard today but winter arrived overnight and we woke up to two inches of snow. It nearly killed me to have to sit on my butt most of the day and do next to nothing. I managed a 90 minute ride but I can't claim to have accomplished much more than that today. There's always tomorrow.

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