Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Worded, Designing, the Rule of Thirds and Corey's Coming

I was in the middle of something the other night while carrying on a text conversation with Rachel. My preoccupation with whatever I was involved in was winning out over our text conversation and so to her last reply to my previous response I commented with one word, "cool". I didn't realize that with my one-word response I'd committed a texting sin. I'd one-worded her. I suppose I knew on some level that there was a chance my one-word reply to her may have been a hint that I didn't really feel much like texting but I had no idea I was doing something well known among the texting crowd. Later that night when she came home she said, " one-worded me". I knew exactly what she was referring to. Smile. She said not to worry and that Trina was one-worded three times in a row by three different people the day before. Wow, I don't know how or if I'd ever recover from that if the same thing was to happened to me.

Tammy and I have been procrastinating big time on designs for the stained glass panels (similar to these panels in our basement kitchenette) we'd like to place above our entertainment center in the basement. Each time I sit down to design something my mind wants to go in several different directions and each designing session leaves me no closer to anything concrete. For me, designing is a process that evolves over a few nights, days or possibly weeks. If it goes on any longer than that (such as now) I have to begin again. The table in our shop is littered with starts of drawings that never lived up to the hype I'd imagined for them.

Yesterday was a new start. Tammy spent most of the day working on some ideas for the panels and I like where she's headed with her thoughts. It's been my hope that we'd be able to use her glass painting skills in these windows and she wants that as well. It's time for me to roll up my sleeves and get busy with her. We both need a project to throw ourselves into and we're both itching to get these panels done. There's something relaxing about working on a project that allows me to lose myself within it and I enjoy that.

My older brother is a photographer. He's got a gift for being able to spot a good photo opportunity; a gift I don't have. When he and Sue were here a couple of weeks ago I asked him a bit about photography and what it is he looks for when trying to set up a shot. He gave me a simple place to start; the Rule of Thirds. I'd never looked at it like that before but once armed with that bit of knowledge I began to notice its use in photos from many other people. I've even managed to incorporate it a time or two in my own work recently. I don't imagine I'll ever develop the eye for a photo that Bryan has but it's nice to have something to strive for.

Rachel took part in a video to promote the youth group she's involved in at church. Edit: the video has since been removed due to relevancy.

I go through music phases and currently I'm in a Harry Chapin phase. It's nice background music but there's a lot of storytelling going on too if you take the time to listen. I remember when he died in July 1981. Our family was gathering for a family reunion in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and I was using that as an opportunity to make my first long bike ride. He was killed in a traffic accident while driving his VW Rabbit on the Long Island Expressway. They speculate that he suffered a heart attack behind the wheel which caused him to veer in front of a semi.

My favorite song of his is one call Corey's Coming. I was going to upload the song file to my blog but I found a live version of it which I'd never seen before. Give it a listen but not just as background music; there's an interesting story that unfolds.

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