Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Night Stuff

I picked up a sore throat and a head cold at the hockey tournament last weekend and it's taken a bit of the wind out my sails all week long. The head cold has now settled in my chest leaving me with coughing fits that come out of nowhere. I figured the best thing for that was a long ride on my bike yesterday, you know, something to clear out my lungs. It sort of worked but I'm still not well. I probably should've moderated my effort but I didn't. Once I got out there I was feeling pretty good but only through the first couple hours. My endurance began to fade after that. Still, I was glad to be out.

There's a rule of thumb about when it's okay and not okay to workout when you're sick. It's said that if the symptoms are above the neck you may be okay to go but if the symptoms are below the neck you should refrain from exercise. I'm not sure where that leaves symptoms residing in the neck. Personally, I feel the exact opposite of that advice works for me. But what do I know? I'm just an air traffic controller.

Spring can't be far away. The temp has been in the 40s for the past two days and will be in the 60s for the early part of next week. I don't know why but this winter has dragged on unlike any other in recent memory. It's only been maybe four months since it turned snowy and cold but it seems twice that long. I've got plans to try and do less riding this year in favor of some indoor activities such as stained glass and rowing. I'm worried that those plans won't stand a chance once I get a taste of spring and summer and the heat of the sun on my back as I ride. We'll see.

Speaking of stained glass. I spent a good part of this afternoon down in the shop working on our project. I got the new 'Strip Pro' tool in the mail that I'd ordered two weeks ago. It's perfect for what I'm doing with all these small pieces and straight-line cuts. The project will still take me well into next winter but this tool will save me a considerable amount of time. It's nice to be down in the shop regularly again working with glass and listening to music. Time flies by in that world.

I've done some Frank Lloyd Wright miniatures in the past which took quite a bit of time with all of the small pieces but I was always doing them as one-off projects so there was no way to do them quickly. I can see where I could knock these sort of things out much more quickly with the Strip Pro. Tammy saw how easily it works and right away said something about putting together a bunch of stuff for a booth at a craft fair after we're retired. I've never really pictured myself as one of those guys sitting on a stool all day long at a craft fair but once I'm retired all bets are off. That could easily be me.

Charlie watches TV. No kidding. We were watching the Dog Whisperer last night and he was sitting on the end of the ottoman watching another dog on the screen. It wasn't for just a few seconds either. We'd noticed him watching the TV before but not as intently as he was last night. I should try and get some video of him doing that.

I tried taking all three dogs for a walk on one three-way leash yesterday but it didn't work so well. We've got a double leash that Tammy made for Toby and Allie which works really well but they've sort of grown into it over the years and know how not to get tangled. I added a third section to it for Charlie and he kept getting his legs caught up in it. I had him on a separate leash today and it worked much better. I took them for a 45-minute walk and I was worried that Charlie wouldn't be able to keep up but he did fine.

I brought them all down in the shop with me when we got home and within five minutes Charlie had peed on the floor. They say that Shih-Tzu's aren't so easy to potty train. I agree. But once they get it, they get it and that's usually not until six months. We're nearly there.

On our walk I came across a discarded painting tossed aside in a snowbank. It would be great refrigerator art but it's a bit too large for that. I took a photo of it and uploaded it to my Facebook because that's the sort of thing a person does with Facebook. Don't they? Anyway, it got a few comments and began to morph over the course of the day.

The original...

Then my brother Tim found a photo of some guy he thought may have posed for the photo...

I countered with...

Only to be one-upped by Steve from San Francisco...

See all the fun we have on Facebook? There's room for a lot more of you guys to get involved. All the cool kids are doing it.

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