Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vacationing—With Bob

It's been a few years since we've taken a family vacation. The last trip we went on was to western South Dakota nearly five years ago. That's got to be a boring trip you must be thinking. Ah, but you would be wrong and I have proof: Here and here.

We love the Black Hills and have talked in the past about what a nice place it would be to retire to. I doubt that we will but one never knows. They've got some great roads for cycling. Enough said. (at least for me)

Tammy and I have been talking about finally taking a trip this summer and we've got a few places in mind that we're considering; Las Vegas; New York or Grand Marais on the North Shore. I'm leaning toward New York as I've never been there. I've never been to Las Vegas either but I'm in no rush to get there. It'll happen someday.

Rachel has done her share of traveling in her short life. She takes at least a couple mission trips each year with the youth groups at both Hosanna and Prince of Peace. She went with them to Guatemala and Seattle last year and will be going to Atlanta in a few weeks with Prince of Peace and back to Guatemala this summer with Hosanna. I think it comes down to us being happy to deny ourselves a road trip as long as we're able to provide her an opportunity getaway. Her looming college costs also factor into our little bit of self-denial.

Of all the people I work with it seems it's the younger people who are much more apt to get up and go someplace. And they're the ones who earn a considerable amount less than those of us who've been here a while...or so I thought. I'm not just talking a once a year vacation either. Many of them get away multiple times a year.

A few of the ladies have taken a trip together to Mexico for the past two years. I'm not sure who began the chatter about Bob going along with them but it became a bit of a running joke in the area we work in that Bob would meet them there. Bob is one of us older types so that's why it was a joke at all. We're all fine with sitting in the lunchroom together but going along on a vacation with the younger crowd probably isn't going to happen.

Last year when their plane departed Minneapolis we got a message to the pilot to tell Danielle, Jessica, and Megan that Bob would meet them in a van at the airport when they arrived in Mexico. They weren't expecting it so it gave them a good laugh to begin their vacation.

A few weeks before their trip this year, Megan asked me if I could do a favor for her. They planned to take several photos of themselves with some strangers while they were in Mexico and she wondered if I could get a picture of Bob to Photoshop into their photos for them? They wanted to create the illusion that Bob really did go on the trip with them?

Oh, yes. There would be no arm twisting necessary. I'd be happy to help!

Bob was kept out of the loop on all of this. We'd joke with him about what a good time he had in Mexico this year and he'd play along but he didn't have any idea what we were up to. I got a disk of the photos to Megan and Danielle last week and they had them printed to bring into work. I don't know what they said to Bob as they gave him the photos but it was a good laugh. Maybe Bob will comment here. Bob?

The word I'm hearing, Bob, is that you're going again next year. All I ask from you is a different picture on your Facebook account to work with.

Here's a bit of the fun they all had. There's more but I promised not to post them all...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I haven't been any where else latey. Maybe next week.

Kevin said...

Bob, I hear you're heading for Jamaica this Wednesday with Rex and Liz. You sure do get around. Enjoy!