Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Streamlining Our Operation and Flying Again

Maybe you've stopped by my blog recently and noticed that it was down. It appears to have happened twice in the last few weeks but I'm not sure why. If you ever notice that it's down please feel free to email me to let me know. I'm not sure what's causing it but it's usually a quick fix to get it back up. Thanks.

Our stained glass project has been sitting idle for the past week. I've decided to go about this project differently than I have with others since this one has so many small but identical pieces. Rather than cut out individual pattern pieces (which is very time consuming) and gluing each pattern piece to the glass I'm going to opt for an assembly line approach where I cut out hundreds of pieces in one setting. There will be minimal pattern cutting along the way to slow me down. I ordered a glass cutting tool which will help me streamline the process. I also intend to fashion a jig to further help in getting the pieces cut to the exact measurements I'll need. This should save a considerable amount of time.

I've yet to ever work on stained glass during the warmer months but I'm hoping that this may be the year I make an exception. I'm excited to get moving on this project and complete it. We'll see.

Keith and Tracee had a booth set up at the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience last weekend. With the slow economy I think he's feeling the need to invest a bit more time and money into drumming up business. Booths at those events don't come cheaply.

Funny...people think that I have a stressful job as an air traffic controller. Some days I do but I usually mention my brother when I'm told things like that because to me he's the one with the stressful job. He operates without a net. I have a sizable sick leave balance should I need it. I just spoke with him on the phone. He's on his way to the Minneapolis Convention Center to set up a booth for this week's Home & Garden Show. If you know of anybody looking for custom cabinet work in the Minneapolis metro area, Keith is your guy. Here's his website, Dakota Wood Design.

With all of the home projects we did last year there was little money left over for my new found hobby of R/C flying. I'd stumbled onto some virtual reality remote control aircraft videos on YouTube last year and immediately decided that I wanted to learn to do that. So, I'm back in pursuit of my dream and with a new airplane.

The hobby store in Richfield where I'd been doing business last year is undergoing some strife and reorganization. The owner of the store is being sued by his son for a financial agreement gone bad. Apparently the son was supposed to take over the business but the father is reluctant to let it go, or so I've heard. Anyway, I had a $30 credit which was due to expire this week so I went there on Friday to see if I could find something to spend it on. I was told that they'd no longer honor the credit as the store had been closed and was now open under a new name. A friend at work who is also into R/C flying told me that the son opened his own store in Eagan. I stopped by there last Saturday and spoke with him. He was very helpful and also said that he'd honor my credit from the other store. One guess who'll be getting my business in the future.

Tammy had bought me my first R/C airplane a year ago last Christmas and I used it a few times but it was too underpowered for anything but zero wind conditions. It went out in today's trash. I didn't learn very much with it other than the knowledge that I'd need a plane with more power next time. The propeller on my new plane is more than twice as long as the other and the new plane is smaller. It should have enough get up and go for me. The owner of the hobby store recommended this as a good trainer; just what I need.

Rachel and I used to do a handshake which over a the span of a couple years morphed into something that would take us maybe 30 seconds to work through. We talked about how on her wedding night when it came time for just the two of us to take to the dance floor we'd go through our routine as a joke for everybody to watch. We still may. It's a bit complicated but nowhere near what you'll see in the video below. I'm very impressed.

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