Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sidelined and She No Longer Lives Here

I had to take some forced time off my bike this week and given the mild weather we've been enjoying it left me champing-at-the-bit to be out there. A sharp pain in my right calf had me hobbling around for most of the weekend. When an ultrasound was negative for a blood-clot (my main concern) the radiologist suggested it was possibly a muscle tear deep in the tissue and undetectable. A muscle tear? The only thing I could come up with was when I was hauling my 24 bags of leaves out to the curb Monday night after work. I was trying to hurry the job along so I'd run between each trip. Oddly enough the pain which began abruptly didn't show up until 36 hours later which had me discounting it as the reason but I can think of no other.

Too many times this weekend I was tempted to try and sneak in a short ride to see how it felt but Tammy's admonishment to rest it because I'd only aggravate it won out. She's a telephone triage nurse so I have little choice but to heed her advice.

I came home to a voice-mail yesterday. It was a collection agency looking for my former wife whom I've had no contact with for several years. Tammy returned the call and assured them that she no longer lives here.

End of story.

Not quite.

I received another call this afternoon again asking for Noy. I got a little pissed because I could sense that they weren't going to believe whatever I told them and that I was going to continue to get their harassing phone calls for who knows how long. They told me that because I'm listed as her spouse on whatever it is she's delinquent on they will be attaching whatever claim they have to my social security number. The caller insisted that I needed to send them a copy of our divorce decree. Hmm...I wasn't sure what to think. Tammy suggested that the divorce is public record and they can find it for themselves. I like the way she thinks. I emailed them the docket number and date of our divorce and left it at that. I'm not all that secretive about my personal life as my blog will attest to but this seemed a bit much to divulge to some anonymous party even for me.

I hope she's not gotten herself into too much trouble.

We both had a very good day of glassblowing Thursday afternoon. I felt that Tammy really pushed herself and reached a new level of accomplishment. I was happy for her. We're excited to go in next week to see how our pieces turned out. We're comfortable with just one 4 hour session each week now that we've reached a level of proficiency we can sustain and build on rather than the one to three times a week we had been going as we tried to find our footing.


Tim said...

Good luck with the collection agency.

It's been our experience that they won't stop calling, regardless of whether or not the debt they're trying to collect has any validity.

This book has good advice as well as form letters to get rid of them:

Kevin said...

Thanks, Tim. It looks like it may be $33 well spent. I'll keep it in mind.