Sunday, October 2, 2011

We're Now Happy Bionic Owners!

We were back in the studio blowing glass Friday morning. Jackson, Joe and Kevin were bringing to life works of art on the bench next to ours that we can only dream about at this point.

I was excited to see how our pieces from the previous week turned out. Typically I'll remember whatever I place in the annealer as being much nicer than it actually is but not this week. I was pleasantly surprised when we walked back into the cold-shop to have a look at our work and find that I wasn't at all disappointed. Three-gather pieces now have me intrigued more than ever but I couldn't help but wonder if I should stay with the two-gathers we've been working with until I perfect a few more forms? I'll keep wondering because I did a couple more larger pieces again on Friday. Very fun stuff!

I boxed up some of our efforts and sent them off to Sweden Saturday morning to a friend of Tammy's and mine that we met last winter while playing WordFeud together on our phones. English is only a second language to Marielle but you'd never know it by the way she owns us in this game. We've become good friends over the many months we've been playing and I was happy to send her some of our work.

Rachel and I have been on the fence about whether to upgrade to the new iPhone 5 when it comes out any day now or to stay with the Droid family. She's been doing most of the research so far and for a while was reluctantly leaning toward the iPhone while I've been wanting to stay with a Droid. There's just something about that little green notification light you know. It's not necessary that we get the same phone but I think we both wanted to. She posted a one word message on my Facebook wall the other day, "woah" with a link to the new Droid Bionic. She then followed that up with a less hyped link offering much more information. Check out the 'videos' tab to see what I mean. A text a couple days later pretty much sealed-the-deal for me, "a girl in my class has the bionic. its so sick."

We're now happy Bionic owners!

The phone is nothing short of amazing! I could never have imagined just a few years ago a handheld device this size having so much capability. Who knows what the future holds for these addicting must-haves? And to think that I once boasted that I would be the last guy in Lakeville to go online. Haha.

Charlie turned 3 years old on Friday. He's always so happy and full of dickens. I'll come in the back door from the garage after being away and while Toby and Allie are busy jumping up on me, Charlie is off in search of a toy to bring me so we can play. It never fails. I've never had a pup as playful as this little guy. When we first got him Tammy and I thought he may have some alpha-male tendencies but that's not so at all. He just wants to play. You can't help but just laugh at this little guy and love him.

Tammy's 4 year old Dell laptop is the most frustratingly slow computer ever and it's been reformatted at least a couple times. She has patience that I simply can't understand to be able to still use it. We were out at Mall of America last night and I steered her into the Microsoft store as we walked by it. She asked what I was interested in and I told her "I just want to check out the laptops" and then I asked her if she wanted to pick out one for herself? "Really?" she said. "Yes, your Dell days are over" I replied. She decided on a smaller Toshiba that will be ideal for all she'll need it for with plenty of speed and hard-drive space. She's quite happy with it and I'm happy for her.

It's Indian Summer in the Midwest and we've still got temps pushing into the upper 70s. If you've got a day or two of sick-time left to burn now may be a good time to do it!

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