Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Will They Think of Next?

I had an extended weekend having taken the last two days off from my work-week. I don't have plans for any more vacation days this year and likely won't take any until next June. It's times like this when I catch myself daydreaming about retirement and the ultimate days off, Monday through Sunday. If I had to guess when I may finally pull the plug on my career I'd guess December 2013. That's the tentative plan anyway but it's definitely subject to change. I'm not even sure I've shared this date with Tammy yet.

I spent Wednesday being totally lazy. It was a rainy, stormy day and that made it all that much easier to ignore any yard-work that may have been taunting me. Tammy and I traded Wordfeud moves with one another throughout the day then spent a couple hours in the evening, coffees in hand, kicking around Mall of America. I love that place!

Speaking of Wordfeud!

I've uploaded nearly my entire music library to Google Music. This is an amazing program/service and one that begs the question; what next? I don't think I could've imagined this just a few years ago. I used it Thursday while driving down to pick up Rachel in Rochester to bring her home for the night (she and Tammy were attending the So You Think You Can Dance tour at Target Center). Rather than shuffle through the 6 discs in my truck's CD player, I tapped into my music library on the 'cloud' and pressed shuffle. How cool was that? All of my music, right there!

I had a lot of fun blowing glass on Friday. All four pieces I worked on, three vases and a bowl survived the process and made it into the annealer where they'd spend the next day or two ramping down from nearly 1000f / 537c to room temperature. Tammy shot some video for the archives of me making a vase and I hope to add it to next week's blog.

At Rob's request (a fellow air traffic controller) here's a link to a Flickr set where I've been uploading photos of  most of our pieces.

I'm up to 177 planes landed in the Air Control game on my Bionic (see previous blog entry) before I pranged two together. I used to dream about air traffic situations during my days as a trainee but not since; until Thursday afternoon. In my dream, I was in the sector at work but the airspace I was controlling was that of the Air Control game and it was crazy busy. I yelled out "I need a D-side! ...and a Tracker!" I was swamped but before help arrived I was awakened by Tammy when she came in the room.

My goal is to actually reach Air Traffic Controller status but I'm around 100 planes shy of that and really struggling to do any better.

Hmmm...Maybe I ought to be rethinking my retirement date.

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