Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Can You Run Him Back a 7UP And Put it on My Tab?"

The plan was to get up early this morning and go for a ride before work but it's been raining since sometime last night and looks to want to persist. That's okay. I've had a pretty good week of workouts so a day off is probably a good thing.

My right knee is feeling better this week than it has in months and I'm so thankful for that. No doubt the Synvisc injection is helping but one thing I've known for a while is that total rest for my knee doesn't necessarily equate to it feeling better sooner. I need to work it, especially on the bike. It's healthiest when I'm out there several times each week putting in a good effort. I keep recalling the words my orthopedic doctor told me, that cycling is the best thing I can do for my knee's health. No more personal record attempts on our elliptical though!

I'm enjoying my time spent on my walks as much as ever. Typically I'll walk while listening to music but lately I've been out there with just my own thoughts. Some people thrive on the company of friends while others seek solitude. I'm much more a loner; it's nothing new, it's just the way I've always been.

Have I mentioned that we need a vacation? It's been 5 years since we've been on one and we're definitely overdue! We have plans in the works for a drive out to western South Dakota this summer. I know it's not an "oh wow!" destination for most people but it works for us. If we didn't retire in Lakeville I would seriously consider looking at Rapid City, SD as a place to plant some new roots.

My sister sent me an email this week with an article about how we learn our most difficult and important life lessons from our darker periods, much more so than any lessons we may learn from a life that is absent of challenges. I agree. It was just a couple days after sending me that email that she broke her ankle in 9 places requiring surgery and 7 screws to piece it back together. I think this would qualify as a darker period in her life but knowing Jackie, I know she'll come out of it a stronger person than she was before it happened.

Rachel began her job as a medical scribe a couple weeks ago and has progressed to working without a trainer shadowing her. She loves it. We were talking on the phone a couple nights ago and she was saying how she gets excited thinking about going into work. Wouldn't we all love to be able to say that? We're happy for her and think this is such a good opportunity for her.

My brother left a message on my phone yesterday of an audio recording I'd made for him back in 1993. The message was cutting out a little as cell-phones in this day and age will sometimes do but I recognized my voice. The recording was of a conversation I'd had over the radio frequency at work with the pilot of United Airlines flight 555 all those years ago.

I knew that Bryan was on the flight as he made his way across the country from Chicago to Boise but I didn't know if he'd be listening to the pilot-controller conversation which is sometimes available through the on-board entertainment channels. I would find out later that he was. Keep in mind as you listen to the conversation (audio file below) that when he first heard my voice he nudged the stranger sitting next to him and said something along the lines of "you can hear my brother on the frequency controlling the airspace we're flying in." I believe the guy may have given him a sideways glance out of the corner of his eye seeming somewhat skeptical but Bryan would prove to be no crackpot shortly after my conversation with the pilot ended.

Have a listen to find out why. (If you'd rather not listen to ATC talk, skip to 3:00 into the recording)


Marielle said...

Man that was cool! I'm guessing you'll dream of numbers when you retire :)

Steve Claypatch said...

I'll let you know when I fly. Maybe you can get me 'real' food.

Kevin Gilmore said...

Thanks, Marielle. I have a friend who retired recently who says he has night-scares of different air traffic scenarios that he wakes up from and is so relieved to find that they were only a dream. I wanna dream of long walks and bike rides then wake up and go do them. :)

Haha...I'll see what I can do for you, Steve!

Jackie said...

From what I recall I have only had Interns in on any med appts in the past. Is a scribe someone who comes in with the dr. to take notes or what exactly is their role? Why do some dr.'s use them and others not at all?

Kevin Gilmore said...

Jackie...yes, a scribe takes notes on all that takes place during the visit. Rather than the doctor having to dictate as they used to into a device after the visit to be documented later by another individual (at least I think that's how it works). A scribe allows the doctor to have less delay between seeing patients.

Have you noticed how everything is being digitized now and uploaded to an electronic file? The scribe with the use of their laptop allows for all of that to happen in real-time.

I suppose some doctors are slower than others to want to change. I think it's going to be the norm as more and more of them see the value. The cost of a scribe pays for itself with the ability of the doctor to see more patients.