Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hi, I'm Troy McClure and You May Remember Me From...

Wow, halfway through June already! The weeks seem to come and go so quickly now without any hesitation at all. I remember as a kid my older brother Bryan explaining why that is. He said that each year is less of a percentage of your life when compared or contrasted against all of your previous years and because of that, each subsequent year seems shorter than the previous year. It makes sense. As a 5-year-old, a year would seem like such a long time at 20% of your life but at age 56 (where I'm at for another couple months) one year equals only 1.8% of my life. There is no slowing this train down!

We made it to Foci on Wednesday night but only to pick up our work from the previous week. The studio has been very busy lately and slot times can be hard to find if you don't plan well enough ahead of time. This coming week isn't looking so good either.

I was pleased with the one and only piece of mine that made it into the annealer last week...another candle votive. I keep thinking that it's time I moved on to another form but I really enjoy making these. I'm sure I'll tire of them eventually but I'm content to keep playing around with them for now. Here's another view.

I've had a monkey on my back in the way of a driveway that desperately needed seal-coating. I put aside all other plans Thursday morning and got busy. I was told to seal it every two years but that seems to be at least six months too long to wait. I was able to fit the rental pressure washer for preparing the driveway into the back of my Forester but only after disassembling the handle apparatus. I'm still missing my truck.

Before and after.

Rachel came into town Friday around noon to spend the day and evening with us. I got a text to see if I could pick her up at the Apple Valley transit station. Fortunately for both of us, I'd gotten out earlier than usual on my bike and was just getting back from a 63-mile ride. I quickly showered and we met at Which Wich for a sandwich and conversation. She's always (and I love this) bubbling over with things to talk about. There's so much going on in her life and we don't get a chance to connect like this often enough. My brain wasn't fully recovered from my ride as I felt like I was lagging behind a little but I did my best to keep up.

I was out working in the yard Thursday afternoon when a man and a woman in a car pulled up and began asking me questions about the altercation between the tree trimmers the previous week. I assumed they were a news team from one of the local stations and I was right. I told them briefly what I observed and mentioned that I took some video on my cellphone. They couldn't get out of their car fast enough to talk with me some more when I told them that.

Within just a couple of minutes of talking, they were fitting me with a mic and Joe was training his camera on me while Kate instructed me to look at her and not the camera. It all happened so quickly. Rachel noticed what was happening and positioned herself to take a photo of us knowing I'd, of course, want to post it here. Nice thinking, Stepdaughter! They posed a few questions out in the yard and then we moved over by the garage where they had me speak some more with the hope that I'd eventually utter a couple of intelligent enough comments that they could stitch together for their news segment.

They were kind enough to pose for a photo before we said our goodbyes. They told me to look for the story on their 10:00 newscast that night. I had no idea it would be the lead story! surely must've been a slow news day in the metro area.

So now when I'm introducing myself I can do as Troy McClure of the Simpsons does and reference all of my TV appearances. Hi, I'm Kevin Gilmore and you may remember me from such shows as Judge Judy's Dog Causes Cyclist to Crash or WCCO's Tree Trimmer Allegedly Threatens Man With Chainsaw. I kinda like that!

I was commenting to Tammy after they left that I could totally see myself being a photojournalist. I know it'll never happen but still, I imagine what it would be like. This isn't a new want for me. There's something about capturing video and splicing it together to tell a story that is very intriguing to me. I went back to my yard work and started day-dreaming about looking into what schooling would be necessary to make that dream a reality and how fun it would be to have a job that you were excited about because it fed a deeper desire.

For now, I'll have to feed my photojournalist desire with more stories from the road. I like this most recent one and some of the scenes toward the end. Stay with it and see...

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