Sunday, June 8, 2014

This Isn't Mayberry Anymore

We had a little action earlier in the week in our quiet little corner of Lakeville. Some workers from a tree trimming service got a little heated with each other on the job and nearly got into a brawl out on the street in front of a bunch of neighborhood kids.I heard the commotion from inside my garage and stepped out to have a look. Mark and Becky were slowly walking in the direction of the altercation while phoning 911. Evidently, somebody had already placed a call to the police. By the time I whipped out my cellphone to catch a little of the action (for my blog, of course) it was winding down. One guy had had a running chainsaw that he was waving at the other guy who was brandishing a shovel. A somewhat cooler head prevailed and the chainsaw was traded out for a tree limb and before long even that was set aside. The police arrived within minutes. All the while this was going on there was one other worker up in a tree behind the houses with a chainsaw apparently oblivious to the commotion out front.

We all stood around watching from our comfortably safe distance while Tammy and Becky sang the theme song to Cops. "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad boys bad boys?!"

I had never been to the Edina Art Fair until Friday. I was impressed! It will definitely be on our list of must-do summer activities from now on. Not quite as large as the Uptown Art Fair but still lots to look at. We had a few friends from Foci who were participating in the show that we made a point of seeking out and saying hello to. We came away with a new birdhouse to replace the one that had weathered beyond repair a couple years ago. Wrens would occupy it every year as I'm sure they will this one.

Tammy is up north in Babbitt to visit her mom and sister for the weekend. She brought along her aunt Joyce too. She's so good that way, always thinking of others. We had a laugh on the phone last night when she mentioned how she was taking them to church and then to the casino at Fortune Bay for a few hours of playing the slot machines.

I had a couple of tough rides this past week. Monday's was brutal with winds gusting to around 35 mph! It took a lot out of me and left me feeling demoralized and wondering if I'd ever find my speed again. Thursday's wasn't any better with not as strong of winds but still quite blustery. I could tell after the first 10 miles that I still hadn't fully recovered from Monday's beating. Still, I looked at it as a good workout. I did my best to race home ahead of a line of storms that was approaching the metro area.

Watch the video of my ride and see how the sky changes from a beautiful blue to a threatening gray.

This morning's ride was much better! It was such a gorgeous morning out there with light winds and a right knee that wasn't hurting at all. I loved it! These were the kind of conditions I dream about. I did a loop into St Paul and was out there before the traffic picked up with my "workout 1" mix on my Nano to keep me motivated; not that I needed any motivation.

I raced home and quickly made a lunch and tended to the pups before leaving for work all the while imagining what it will be like when I'm no longer in a hurry because of work.

It's this sort of ride that leaves me so pumped and ready to go again. I never want to lose this desire!

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