Sunday, February 22, 2015

Go With the Flow Never Let Go

I was sidelined for a couple days this week while I waited for the level of coumadin in my blood to drop to a more normal level. I routinely go in to have my blood tested to make sure I'm getting just the right amount of coumadin (often referred to as blood thinner or rat poison). My INR is supposed to be between 2 and 3 but I registered a 5 on Tuesday. That's way too high and the nurse administering the test told me that I was at a high risk for a bleed and to go home and take it easy for the next couple days until the number fell to a safer level. It takes time to establish just the right amount of the drug to take each day. One's diet can have a big effect on their INR number. I'm back within range now and hopefully we'll soon figure out the proper dosage for me so I stay within range.

I took a drive with Toby Tuesday afternoon to Lake Pepin to try and capture some video of eagles flying the bluffs along the Mississippi River. We didn't see any but still, it was nice to spend a few hours alone with my special little guy.

Video from our drive.

Rachel makes her way from Rochester to Minneapolis for work 2-3 times a week via a vanpool that's made up of a diverse group of people: an older man, a foreign man, a quantum physics grad student, a chain smoking truck company owner, a former pastor and Rachel.

I got a text from her this week:

"Picked up a new guy today who lives on a farm. Al is driving. As we pull forward into an area of what seems to be unshoveled snow, the new guy says, "uhh you're actually in the yard right now". Instead of backing up, Al proceeds to make a 5 point turn in the yard before getting out to the main road. *palm to forehead*"

She's told us a few "palm to forehead" stories like that recently about her experience with the group in addition to recalling for us some of the off-the-wall conversations that play out among them. I suggested that it would maybe be a good scenario for a sitcom. She agreed and said she's already thought of that. She has a close friend in Los Angeles who has dreams of someday making it as a writer. This may be her in.

It's a small world. Rachel also works at a long term care facility in Rochester as a nursing assistant. I'm not exactly sure how the conversation played out but a woman whose mother is a resident there commented that she reads my blog and recognized Rachel from my writings. How cool is that?

I ventured away from the trails I normally use with my fat-bike in favor of some exploring yesterday along the Minnesota Valley State Trail beginning in Shakopee. There's nothing at all technical about this trail but it has some beautiful scenery and made for a fun few hours.

Here's a map of my route.


Mona Aakre said...

Hi Kevin,
Yes, I met Rachel last week. She walked into my moms room and looking at her I just knew and came right out and asked her if she was Rachel. I think I kind of surprised her with that. She's even more beautiful in person!!

Kevin Gilmore said...

Thanks, Mona, that's really sweet of you to say. I love how connections such as this can sometimes happen!