Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Celebration to Remember

I had another CT scan Wednesday morning. The results of the scan were to give my surgeon a better idea about the timetable for performing bypass surgery on my common iliac arteries. I was expecting a call with the results but I've heard nothing yet. I would think that if there was anything of urgency on the scan she would've gotten in touch with me by now.

We took a drive into St Paul Friday morning to take in the American Craft Council art show. It's a yearly thing we try and do since first attending maybe 10 years ago. We came close to getting Tammy a new Ann Ringness purse but she opted to get some more miles out of the one I bought for her a few years ago. Perhaps we'll see Ann again at the Uptown Art Fair in August and get one then. We chatted for a while with David Royce, one of the glassblowing artists we met when we first began at Foci. His work is just so beautiful and unique.

On the way back to our car I noticed some pigeons walking along the metal supports for the skyway. I looked a little closer and saw that there were maybe a dozen pairs with the males bringing the females nesting material while they laid on their eggs. It was interesting to watch.

We made a stop at Cossetta's for some Italian cuisine before leaving for home. It's been several months since we were there so we were overdue. It's easily our favorite place for something tasty in St Paul. There's typically a wait to place your order but there's so much visually to take in that the time passes quickly. There's a reason it's always so busy.

This past weekend was a full one for us both culminating in a small retirement party for Tammy with a few of our closer friends. It was almost a perfect evening.

Rachel came bee-bopping in around 5:00 Friday afternoon, a couple hours before the party. She took over preparations. This girl knows how to throw a party! She brought some nice decorations, assorted foods to make appetizers and the fixings for Mint Mojitos! Between the food we had catered from Davanni's and her appetizers we had more than enough.

I had ordered a cake from Cub Foods (the local grocery store) and gave them a cutout of a photo of Tammy from when she was first licensed as a nurse. I had asked for a lighter lavender background color but it didn't quite turn out that way. That's okay because it tasted just like cake (duh!) I think she was too surprised by the idea to care. She cried a few tears, so thankful for her retirement, friends and the party. We were all so happy for her.

It was almost a perfect evening until our garbage disposal decided to develop a hole in its side and allow water to spew out of it and inside the cabinet below. Luckily I noticed it right away. Rachel and I cleaned up the mess and resumed the celebration.

Here's a link to a set of a few photos from the party.

I made it out for a couple rides this past week. Here's video from a loop into St Paul.

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