Friday, April 3, 2015

Yay for Tammy!

Tammy has officially joined the ranks of the retired. She went in to work last Monday to turn in all of her gear and do one final shift. Nearly all of her coworkers also work from home but a few showed up at the office to give her a surprise retirement party, something that seldom happens there. She was surprised! I was so happy for her when she told me that. She deserved it. After the party she asked if she could be excused for the 2nd half of the day because her head just wasn't with Optum anymore. Her supervisor understood and with that, she left the world of nursing (although I know it will always be in her heart).

We met up at home in the afternoon and I could see from the look on her face that a huge weight had been lifted from her. The work should've been much more rewarding than it was but Optum had a way of adding layers of stress through metrics that took all of the fun out of it.

We took the pups to the dogpark and let the idea that she no longer has to return to that pressure-cooker sink in.

Out of nowhere these last few days she'll suddenly exclaim, "I'm retired!" Every time she says that I imagine my own pending retirement and smile along with her. 274 days.

I wasted little time in finding a spot in the office/den for my laptop which is where I'm writing this from. This is where you can often find me now.

We finally made it back to Foci after nearly 9 months of being away. We had no way of knowing when we left there last time that it would be this long before we'd be back. Life sorta got in the way. Tammy commented "It's like coming home!" It was nice to catch up with the many people who were there. We've both lost whatever edge we may have developed in our glassblowing skills but we're determined to get back to where we were.

It's been ridiculously windy here the past few days. I took advantage of Wednesday's wind to shave 2 seconds off of my KOM time on a Strava segment in Farmington. I saw where a group of 5 other riders were out there just a little while later giving it a go. My time still stands for now.

You'll see in the video where a guy pulls out in front of me. I'm not trying to be a jerk when I go by him but the shoulder there is full of holes and debris. I was trying to keep a line that kept me clear of most of it. I doubt he saw me or if he did he didn't realize I was going as fast as I was.


John Hill said...

Yay for Tammy!

Bob Stowell said...

Congrats to Tammy on her retirement. I watched your run on your bike and now I have to take a nap as I am so tired. It was very impressive. And too bad you had to deal with the car.

Kevin Gilmore said...

My sentiments exactly, John!

Thanks, Bob!

I'll pass along your kind words to Tammy.