Saturday, April 18, 2015

Change is Coming and Change is Here

I received some very good news Monday night in a call from Dr. Johnstone. I posted the news to my Facebook wall:

"I just got off the phone with my doctor/surgeon. She updated me on my CT scan from last Wednesday and used the word "lovely" a few times to describe what she saw. The clot in my left common iliac artery that had an irregular shape and was most concerning to her was no longer there. Wow! I wasn't expecting to hear that at all. The clot in my right iliac artery had diminished in size. Another wow! I thank God and medical science for that great news and anybody who may have offered up their prayers or good thoughts or well-wishes. This is welcome news to me/us."

I had mentally prepared myself for a result that would have had me undergoing a surgical procedure that would've meant the end of my career and months of recovery. This gives me some breathing room and I'm once again focused on a retirement date of 1/2/2016, 259 days from now.

Our quiet household is about to become much more alive in a little more than a month. Rachel will be moving back home for the summer (maybe longer) and Tammy's mother will be coming to stay with us. Elaine will be 90 at the end of the year and is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Tammy was a nurse on an Alzheimer's wing at a retirement home for many years and is in a great position in life to be able to care for her. We're hopeful that she'll adapt to her new life with us without too much stress but we really have no way of knowing how smoothly she'll make the transition. We're looking forward to making her as comfortable and as happy as we can.

I'm not sure how we'll fit activities such as glassblowing into our routine once Elaine is with us. It may be that we'll have to put that hobby on hold or possibly find other temporary partners in the studio.

Speaking of glassblowing; we were back in the studio again on Wednesday afternoon. I struggled with my first 2 pieces but managed to do what I think will be a nice candle votive on my third try. We'll be back at Foci on Tuesday for another 3-hour session and to pick up our work.

I was happy with the pieces we made 2 weeks earlier. For not having been at the bench in nearly 9 months, I thought we did okay.

Our hummingbird feeder is out and ready for any early arrivals. I've had such a difficult time attracting the little guys in previous years. It wasn't until late last summer when I finally had a pair that appeared to make it their go-to place to feed. I want to be sure I'm ready for them if they return and any others that may happen by.

I've been taking glucosamine/chondroitin for knee pain for a couple months now and I think it may be starting to help, either that or my knees are getting used to the more regular demands I'm putting on them. I did fine on Tuesday's 55-mile ride through the first 30 miles but then the pain kicked in and I had to limp home. Yesterday was so much better. I did my Jordan loop and was able to keep my watts well above a 200 average for the last 29 miles with very little pain. I'm still nowhere near where I was last year at this time but I'm making progress and for that I'm grateful.

The Synvisc (hyaluronic acid) injection I had last year in my right knee worked wonders but I'm hesitant to go that route again. I find that without pain, I push harder than I should and I'm worried that I may have stressed my knee more than is good for it. I'd like to give the glucosamine/chondroitin combination a chance to do all it can for me. A little pain can be a good thing if it keeps me in check.

My days off at work have changed to a more junior schedule, one where I'm working with several people I've seldom ever had the chance to work with previously. I'm just putting the finishing touches on a Saturday day-shift as I write this. I can't recall the last time I was here on a Saturday morning but I'm quite sure it's been decades! I think it's gonna be a nice change.

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