Saturday, April 25, 2015

No Joke

Rachel was back at Canvas and Chardonnay a few nights ago. She texted Tammy and me this photo of the painting she'd done but we couldn't figure out what it was or if it was a finished product. Hmmm...a little later she sent us the completed painting (photo to the left).

I think this is her third time taking a class there. I told her she should look into applying for a job there teaching classes. I could very much see her doing that. Oops...I just forgot...she's moving home in a few weeks!

Tammy has been preparing for her mother to come and stay with us at the end of May. She's purchased a wheelchair that we can use to take her out and about. We'll have walkers on each level of our home for her to more safely get around and minimize her risk of falling. I don't think I can fully appreciate just how big of an undertaking this is going to be but we know it's the right thing to do. Tammy has many years of experience in this area so I'll just follow her lead.

She was online tonight ordering some in-home monitors so she can more easily keep a watchful eye on her mother when she's in another room or while Tammy is working out or whatever. I think that's a very good idea.

4/20 is National Weed Day. I posted the graphic to the right on my Facebook wall the next day. Haha...funny! And wouldn't you know it, my first day back to work this week I was pulled aside and told I needed to go down and pee in a cup for the drug testers. No worries because it's been well over 33 years since I've indulged in the evil weed or any other forbidden mind altering substances. I wouldn't mind making a trip out west though in another 252 days or so. Not that that would be necessary but I think it would be a hoot. Watch this space.

I'm still enjoying my walks as much as ever. I try and get out for at least a 10 mile walk a couple times each week; sometimes more often. I'd like to be on my bike more but I think it's best for my knee health if I mix it up a little. I had planned to ride after work today but I was tired and I'm trying to do a better job of listening to my body. I don't need anymore asleep at the wheel incidents. Regardless of whether it's walking or riding, there's something very therapeutic about being alone with my thoughts for a few hours at a time

A friend at work lost his home in a fire yesterday afternoon. I can't begin to imagine what all Brian is going through. He's the 2nd controller in the last few years at our facility who's suffered this tragedy. Shortly after Brian left for home we got a message at the sectors saying the cafeteria was closing early because the chef had an emergency at home. We heard later that he too had a house fire. What are the odds of two people at the same facility experiencing a house fire on the same day?

A few of us were talking today at work about insurance agencies. We're with State Farm but mostly because our policy is through a former neighbor. A friend said he uses USAA and is very happy with them for both their attention to claims and cost savings. I may have to spend some time this week comparing companies.

Any suggestions about insurance companies would be welcome.


Beth said...

If you are a member of AARP check their Hartford insurance. We saved a huge amount of money on both auto and homeowners by switching from Farm Bureau.

Kevin Gilmore said...

Thanks, Beth. Yes, we're AARP members. I'll check out Hartford as well.